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Ariyah Elrith

I am a London based freelancer who writes, edits and illustrates for numerous projects. I am an instagram fanatic, tea addict and blogger with a soft spot for animals.



My brightest star - Dating Simulation Game

A visual novel game written by Ariyah Elrith for Ice Queen Media.
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Guide to Family Friendly Areas in London

When making the decision to move to London, it is important to find an area which is both aesthetically pleasing and suitable for family life. Many of the London boroughs are suitable for various styles of living and the UK maintains a high expat population throughout. Battersea is home to L’Ecole de Battersea, an international school which is set in a Victorian building and has an emphasis on bilingual community which aims for students to be fluent in both French and English upon leaving.

Me Time: Classic Reads

If you’ve ever visited our boutique, you will know that the magic of storytelling is woven into every detail, including of course the books we keep close at hand. The more virtual our lives become, the more we crave the physical feel of the well-worn pages of a book between our fingers. It engages our senses in a way that technology never could, connecting us to ourselves, stirring our emotions and fuelling our imagination.

Transgender Artistry Hits Screens with Tasteful Timing

After hundreds of years of conformity, equality and freedom of choice finally seem to be a topic which has risen to the forefront of our culture. Laverne Cox became the first transgender woman to receive an Emmy nomination, Caitlyn Jenner at last gave in to her true self by openly identifying as a woman and even the refusal of marriage certificates for gay couples by Kentucky clerk Kim Davis resulted in a backlash of lawful proportion.

Hyper Japan Christmas Market

So as an avid lover of all things Japan I felt the time was right for me to attend one of the UK's biggest Japan culture events. Though the plan had originally been to attend the June Hyper Japan festival I fell into a new job and contented myself with attending the Hyper Japan Christmas Market instead so as to get my hands on some authentic goodies for family and friends.
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Alice at the Royal Opera House

Wacky, sinister and boundlessly entertaining, Christopher Wheeldon's magical ballet rendition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland proved to be a spectacular tribute to Lewis Carroll. Commissioned by the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, it first premiered back in 2011 to flourishing praise. I'm immensely glad to have been able to view this spectacular performance before the curtains were drawn in mid January last year.
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Which Witch is Wicked?

After today, my new favourite colour has got to be green. Not the olive kind, not the grass kind, the Wicked kind! One of the most popular musicals showing in London's West End has definitely got to be Wicked! The cast not only have superb acting skills which work in melding together an amazingly magical tale, but the singing, aesthetics and atmosphere will completely blow you away.
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To Boob or not to Boob?

Breast milk is not the only option for mothers, however, experts believe it really is the best for a newborn baby as it is made specifically for them, by you. It not only holds a lot of nutritional value, but breast milk also contains vital vitamins and illness-busting goodness which helps your baby defend against diseases and sickness during those tender first few months of their life.

Those 'All Grown Up!' Blues

Preparing for the transition from primary to secondary school can be daunting for both child and guardian. Not only are there different admission procedures based on the types of schools, but there is also the task of finding a school which is suitable for your child’s needs and your own accessibilities.

Flowers in the Attic [review]

As the Dollanganger's perfect family is torn apart by an unfortunate accident and they are forced to turn to their estranged family for help, they realise that there will be no easy way out regardless of how wealthy a family they are originally part of. A mother's love becomes tainted by greed and self obsession.

Fashion Extremes: Is Big Beautiful or Biased?

Body confidence has always been a subject of discussion within the fashion industry. 20th century catwalk models set the bar for teenagers about what was too fat, what was too thin and what was acceptable. However, that bar has shifted over time and the motto of ‘love the skin you’re in’ has fast become one that the younger generations live by.

Before B-Style

US fashion is known for its impact worldwide within the fashion industry and recently it has even been known to reach small stores in Tokyo, Japan. Desiré van den Berg is the photographer responsible for introducing the world to Hina, a fashion store owner whose motto is ‘Black for life’. She has opened eyes to the phenomenon that is B-Style, a mishmash of black lifestyle, and is an icon for afro American appreciation within Japan.


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